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leming chung
My doctor's prescription for my pollen allergy is to let the light illuminate everywhere


This is a three-character monologue about be-ing, bee, and bees.

As the lines between the body, self and the external world blur,  we are left to ponder the potential transformation of their internal conflict. It poses the question of how the internal struggles of beings will evolve in a world where boundaries are no longer distinct. What shape of the politic will this take, and how will it ultimately manifest? It is a contemplative exploration of the fluidity of identity and the interplay between the individual’s internal body and the external collective.


The last thing it told me was ...


After inhaling pollen
I feel the ground level rise
A thin-winged sound piercing into me
‘rustle’ ‘creak’ ‘thud’
‘rattle’ ‘patter’
Friction. tearing. collisions.
I am so close to my countless kindred me
the countless selves

Degranulation is ongoing

I send a signal
followed by another signal
I dive into the street awash above my head
the street where I often migrate in my remembrances
It springs to mind near my end:
The bricks are slightly warm and the air is cloudy

I obey the will of the law
and secret and meticulous rules
to follow fiddle a life-silhouette

When you look at me
It is like you are not looking at a human being
More like looking at a bee
But compared to bees
It is more like looking at inanimate matter
I’m a bee allergic to pollen
I’m bees allergic to a bee
that’s why when we are talking,
there is always an echo inside the body.’

︎Front Leg

flaring hindleg
like a rubber band cut in an instant
seemed all at once to loosen itself into the background

I heard an echo from inside my body
from an inch above
to an inch under

The fragmented and familiar sidewalk
becomes a ring-shaped wound
glazed with sky color

I am still acting normally as I always have
As is the wing to my right
And antennas ahead
We become alienated remains of the body

The firmament is burning with blue light

︎Another plural me

This ritual will not end for now
Is anyone thinking of joining us?
even I only exist in my opposite

Moved by rules
The rules are driven by the laws behind
At the back of the back
What started the rules?
What was written in the genes?

The ring-shaped sky